Friday, August 19, 2022

Exclusive Migrant Resource Centre in Namakkal District- A Public Private Partnership Initiative

In partnership of CSC- E Governance Services India Limited, International Organisation for Migration (IOM- UN Migration) and Tamilnadu Alliance, an exclusive Migrant Resource Centre- MRC has been inaugurated in the District Office of Common Service Centre located at Mugilan Valagam, Opposite to Old Criminal Court and next to Hello Mobiles in Trichy Road, Namakkal by today (19 August 2022)

The MRC was inaugurated by the Senior Technical Director and Namakkal District Informatics Officer Mr. Selvakumar Antony in the presence of Dr. Balamurugan, Founding Member, Tamilnadu Alliance and Mr. Amit Chowdhury, National Officer, IOM India Mission and Mr. Manickavasagan, District Manager-Namakkal, CSC.

Earlier in the program, Ms. Sibija Bensigar from Tamilnadu Alliance delivered the welcome address and Mr. Rajmohan, Program Manager- WORD proposed the vote of thanks.

This is the first of its kind initiative in Namakkal District to cater to the needs and to access the essential services for the significant and emerging migrant population.

Along with Namakkal District, the Migrant Resource Centre will have in Erode, Virudhunagar and Dindigul District as a pilot basis.

Saturday, June 5, 2021

World Environment Day today!


Today is World Environment Day!

It is our primary and foremost responsibility to make sustainable environment conservation activities for a greener and cleaner world into our day to day lives and also important to focus special drive on this mission with various networking efforts!

The efforts on tree planting, avoiding plastics, minimize the usage of motor vehicles can be done urgently at our individual level. 

World Cycle Day is being observed June 3 every year globally! The usage of cycles are immensely helpful for our physical well being and it helps to reduce the emission of CO2 into our atmosphere by not having used the fuel based motor vehicles. 

While WORD is also doing various special programs for the environment protection activities, we also embed the theme and focus on environment conservation in every programs that we implement. We would like to point out two major programs in this perspective. 

Promotion of Menstrual Health Hygiene for Women:

Considering the importance of menstrual health hygiene for women especially from their adolescent stage, WORD implements this program. Under this program, we also promote the reusable sanitary napkins which are being stitched in our center through the trained women and being distributed since March 2018.  We have initiated this project to mark the World Women's Day 2018. We sincerely thanks to Fullerton India Credit Company Limited for their support to design the project and for all the capital support and the initial running costs for the stitching centers by rural women. Our thanks are also due to the technical support from Real Relief- India to help us in setting the stitching center and all the capacity building towards this. 

The usage of reusable sanitary napkin is also helping to the environment as this being made with the clothe with antimicrobial treatment.  With simple wash and natural drying, it can be used for at least 12 months. Even though it is made with fewer amount of nano plastics, unlike the chemical based sanitary napkins, the disposal is very simple and it is harmless. This is just like putting our clothes in the dustbin which would be decomposed besides various health benefits for the women. 

Microscale CDM Biogas Program

WORD in Namakkal District implement the microscale domestic biogas CDM program under the Clean Development Mechanism of the UNFCCC with the support of Fair Climate Network. Under this program, WORD constructed and maintains 300 biogas units as of now. 

The purpose of the project activity is to set up 5,000 biogas plants (digesters) of 2m3 capacity each for single households in Namakkal district where the NGO is working, and in this way replace Non-Renewable Biomass with biogas for cooking and heating water. The project will also reduce methane emissions from cattle manure and will contribute strongly to sustainable development of the rural households involved in the project. A biogas plant of 2 m3 capacity is sufficient to provide cooking fuel to a family of four to five. Namakkal is a biomass deficit region. Fuel wood scarcity has an impact directly on rural households, which are highly dependent on this fuel. Demand for fuel wood and logs from commons and forests have caused resource degradation to the extent that collection exceeds sustainable yield. Forest degradation on the other hand leads to fuel wood scarcity leading to unsustainable removal of biomass to meet the demands. The project activity will attenuate the need for rural energy for cooking and water heating.

Each household will install a 2 m3 biogas plant and feed cow dung into the anaerobic digester. The technology is tried and tested in India and has been in use for many years. By utilizing these various sources of biogenic waste in a controlled anaerobic digestion and combustion system, biogas will be available for cooking energy and heating water. Biogas will be used on a two-ring gas stove which is being used for the biogas project activity. 

There are various social, environmental, economic and technological benefits through this project which contribute to sustainable development. Few of them are: 

Social benefits

  • Reduces drudgery to women and children who spend long hours and travel long distances to collect fuel wood.
  • Reduces indoor air pollution, thus eliminating health hazards for women and children.
  • The project provides security of energy supply
  • It leads to better manure management thus keeping the surroundings clean and reduce some of the disease causing pathogens
  • Reduces the time of cooking and it can be used in better & productive way.

Environmental benefits:

  • Improves the local environment by reducing uncontrolled deforestation in the project area.
  • Avoids local environmental pollution through better waste management.
  • Will lead to soil improvement by providing high quality manure.
  • Avoided global and local environmental pollution and environmental degradation by switching from non-renewable biomass to renewable energy, leading to reduction of Green House Gases emissions.
  • Reduces deforestation, reduces indoor air pollution, and increases use of manure rather than chemical fertilizers.

Economic benefits:

  • Higher productivity of family members as they  have adequate cooking fuel supply
  • Will provide employment to local communities through construction and maintenance of biogas units.
  • The project will reduce cooking time, thus providing women to take up income generating activities
Technological benefits

  • Better technology for cooking compared to currently used traditional mud/clay/3-stone stoves.
  • Better biogas digester models.
  • Training of local masons for construction of biogas units for the project activity.
  • Demonstrations and training programs will be carried out for the masons and end users on maintenance and other related aspects of biogas units.

At this World Environment Day, let's quickly get into concrete actions for a greener world together!

Thursday, June 3, 2021

Relief and Support Works during Covid Wave II in Tamilnadu

The wave II of Covid devastated the lives of everyone in terms of physical and mental health, livelihood and with all other concerns.

Like our works during the Covid Wave I in 2020, we are also doing many relief and support activities during this 2nd wave which stated as follows.


  1. WORD trained 100 volunteers in 50 villages as health resource people in their communities. They have been provided with pulse oxy meters, digital thermometers and other essential PPE aids. They are testing the common people in the villages, ensure the health and co-ordinate with the medical care, quarantine measures and treatments. We are also going to support to vulnerable families living in our working area and to the migrant families living in the migrant settlements in Namakkal District with the support of Freedom Fund. 
  2. Conduct awareness programs for the public for Covid 19 immunisation. 
  3. WORD set up a team of staff to offer phone based counselling and to address mental health issues for the Covid 19 infected/ vulnerable. The language would be in Tamil. 
  4. WORD has partnered with Healthpix. Through which the staff, volunteers and the community members can make use of free online consultation with the expert doctors during this Covid 19 lockdown times. 
  5. WORD is about to provide 20 hospital beds to 2 hospitals- one each in Coimbatore and Salem District with the support of Fullerton India Credit Company Limited to increase the covid 19 clinical care.

Saturday, August 29, 2020

Signature Campaign

Through various networks and led by Tamilnadu Alliance, WORD launched the inaugural program on    14 August 2020  to start the signature campaign to demand to Rs 6000 to the people who are affected by Covid 19 in Namakkal District along with our partner NGOs- WORD, Pothanur and DONBOSCO ANBU ILLAM Society, Rasipuram. 

Mr. Thillai Sivakumar, President, Consortium of Namakkal NGOs attended the program and shared how Covid 19 impacted the normal lives of every one and affected the livelihood of the common people.

Mrs. Renida Sarala, Director, WORD Namakkal said that various welfare programs and interim relief support  offered by NGOs and by both Central and State Governments. But, Covid 19 devastated the lives of the poor and marginalised people in a greater scale. 

This signature campaign in co-ordination of various NGO networks led by Tamilnadu Alliance aimed to collect signatures from the mostly affected people of Covid 19 and those who lost their jobs to recommend a direct cash transfer of Rs 6000 from the Government. 

Mrs. Sivagamavalli, Director, WORD-Pothanur and Mr. Xavier, Project Director, DONBOSCO Anbu Illam Society, Rasipuram also attended the launching program.

After having collected the signatures from those affected by Covid 19, these forms will be sent to the Government through Tamilnadu Alliance

Media Coverage of this program:

Covid 19 Relief Activities: Provision of 24,400 Personal Hygiene Kits to the rural women in Tamilnadu

With the outbreak of Covid 19 and the subsequent lock down in India, WORD started various Covid 19 relief activities with the support of our developmental partners.

With the CSR support of Fullerton India Credit Company Limited, in an effort to keep them protected against this corona virus, WORD distributed 24,400 Personal Hygiene Kits { consists of washing soap, bath soap, reusable face mask and disinfectant liquid} for the benefit of the rural women across Tamilnadu. 

The distribution of the Personal Hygiene Kits were covered 60 locations across Tamilnadu. The local branch staff of Fullerton India Credit Company Limited (known as Gramsakthi) participated and distributed the Personal hygiene kits to the rural women. 

With the Covid 19 lockdown and amidst the mobility cut down, WORD made special permission from the Namakkal District Administration to travel through our vehicles to distribute the kits to the rural women. 

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Awareness on Human Rights through Folk Media Programs

WORD organised awareness programs on Human Rights through folk media in Pallipalayam, Veppadai and Kumarapalayam to mark the International Human Rights Day. 

All the folk media program addressed on the issues of child rights violation and trafficking.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Relief Works in the most affected places in Thanjavur and Thiruvarur Districts after the Cyclone Gaja

Cyclone Gaja devastated the lives of people especially in Nagai, Thiruvarur, Thanjavur and Pudukkottai districts in Tamilnadu in November 2018. 

With the support of Fullerton India Credit Company Limited, WORD supported 1000 families with relief materials with the immediate household needs of Cooking materials- including Rice & Dhall; bed sheets, mosquito coils and candles in the most affected villages in and around Pattukkottai of Thanjavur District and in Thiruvarur District. 

WORD also in partnership of SHED India, the local NGO in Thanjavur District to conduct 7 Health Camps and with the support of NAMCO in Thiruvarur District to conduct 8 Health Camps for the affected people.