Friday, January 27, 2012

Biogas Project Stake holders meeting for Gold Standard Premium quality Carbon Credits

The Gold Standard Stakeholders meeting held under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) in Namakkal on 6th January 2012 under the CDM biogas project of SCINDeA Biogas Coalition which is being implemented in Namakkal district by WORD NGO. 152 end users attended the meeting.
The Program Manager of WORD, Mr. Rajmohan welcomed all to the meeting. Dr. Shield Benjamin, Executive Director spoke about various social development activities of SCINDeA network through its partners activities in Tamilnadu, Karnataka and Andhrapradesh. To tackle climate change and global warming issues SCINDeA Network draws a plan to implement CDM- Biogas Project in Namakkal, Pudukkottai districts in Tamilnadu, Chitoor district in Andhrapradesh and Ramagar district in Karnataka to reduce the emission of Carbon-di-oxide through the biogas project by replacing the traditional usage of kerosene and firewood of 20000 beneficiaries.

Mrs. M. Renida Sarala, Director, WORD spoke about the biogas project. She said her address that 5000 users will be covered in Namakkal District through this project. This CDM biogas project is to be registered under Gold Standard Foundation in Switzerland for premium quality carbon credits. As part of this, this stakeholders meeting is held for this CDM biogas project. Mrs. Selvi, Assistant Director, Department of Agriculture, Namakkal during her felicitation note said that the slurry from the biogas units is excellent manure for farmers and to improve the quality of the soil conditions.

The technical doubts of the stakeholders were clarified during this meeting. The stakeholders shared their views on the sustainable checklists on air quality, water quantity and quality, soil condition, other pollutants, biodiversity, quality of employment, livelihood of the poor, access to affordable clean energy services, Human and Institution Capacity, Quantitative Employment and income generation, Balance of payments and investment, Technology Transfer and technological self reliance.

The technical team of fair climate Network has also attended the meeting. Mr. Sathrack Dinakaran, Project Co-ordinator rendered the vote of thanks.

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