Friday, September 23, 2016

Mobilizing funds through Crowd funding sites

Mobilising funds for the social developmental works for the grass root level activities is found bit difficult now-a-days and the advent of technologies for this resource mobilisation is a boon for the Non Governmental Organisations. 

One such opportunity is the Crowd Funding Sites. Unlike the traditional funding systems, the crowd funding sites offers our project to get into live for a specific period of time that we set and the desired target amount for the developmental cause. The interested donors can donate to our project. At the end of the period, the crowd funding site would get transferred the collected amount to our account directly. This is a new opportunity of fund raising for NGOs.

We have also recently uploaded our projects with the popular crowd funding platforms- ammado and 1% Club, Netherlands. Though our targets are not fully met, we have raised funds from our first experience in this kind.

We at WORD really thank the crowdfunding platforms and the donors who supported to our cause. 

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