Wednesday, September 9, 2015


With the financial support of Freedom Fund, US and with the collaboration with Geneva Global, US a new program has been launched in four districts in Tamilnadu viz Namakkal, Erode, Dindigul and Virudhunagar district to reduce the risks of young women in Textile Industries with 13 NGO partners.

Women’s Organisation in Rural Development (WORD), Leaf Society and Donbosco Anbu Illam are the implementing partners for this project in Namakkal District.
Textile Industries are the major source of income for most families in the district. Adolescent girls, young women, and migrant workers were recruited at spinning mills where the working condition was extremely exploitative.
Though the initiatives by the government had led to improvements in labour conditions, the problem continued to exist. The problems include, working overtime, restrictions on movement and communication with others, vulnerable to various exploitations and extremely low pay.
Hence, to reduce the young worker’s vulnerability to high-risk jobs, the NGOs will work alongside local government bodies and businesses to improve jobs for young women.
The concentrate co-ordinated efforts under this project are
  • Engaging with communities to improve access to education, training, and employment opportunities, and reinforcing community structures and social services to reduce vulnerability among adolescent girls and young workers.
  • Help families develop better economic opportunities and reduce their reliability on moneylenders and enable the government assistance schemes reach them effectively.
  • Working with district and state-level authorities to strengthen young worker rights.
      The official launch of this project for Namakkal District held on 9th September 2015 at Hotel Coastal Residency, Namakkal which was jointly organised by WORD, Leaf Society & Donbosco Anbu Illam.

     Mrs. M. Renida Sarala, Director, WORD welcomed all. Mr. A. Balamurugan and Mr. A. K. Jaleel, Program Managers, Geneva Global delivered the key note address. Mr. C. Manjunathan, Inspector of Labour, Namakkal District, Dr. Sherin Philip, District Social Welfare Officer-Namakkal, Mrs. Anita Rosalin Mary, Deputy Director, Department of Industrial health & safety, Mr. M. Selvam, District Child Protection Officer, Namakkal,   Mr. A. B. Antony Jennit, Project Director, National Child Labour Project-Namakkal delivered the felicitation note. Fr. Amalopavaraj, Director, Donbosco Illam delivered the vote of thanks. 


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