Friday, September 20, 2013

Project Visits

Project Visits 

Blooming Buds Project

Mr. P. Thangaperumal, Project Officer, Terre des Hommes- Netherlands visited the Project sites of WORD at Pallipalayam on 19th September 2013 and visited the power loom industries and reviewed the progress of the program. He visited the project site in Namakkal on 20th September 2013 and reviewed the program activities. 

Revolving Fund for Relief of Poor Program

Ms. Anne Priya, Operational Manager, NELINDCO Foundation visited WORD from 19-20 September 2013 to review the program both in Pallipalayam and Namakkal. She reviewed the program, practice, process and the financials. 

Microscale CDM Biogas Program

Mr. Mohsin, Projects Manager, Fair Climate Services visited the project site in Namakkal from 19-20 September 2013. He visited Pilikilipalayam village to assess the mason training program in constructing the biogas units in Namakkal on 19 September 2013. He visited the administrative office at Pallipalayam on 20th September 2013 and had discussions with the Director on the biogas program's management plan. He also discussions with the case workers, Accountant and the IT person regarding the planning process, roles and the criteria for the village, end user selection and expenditure details. 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Our SHG bagged Manimeghalai award for the best performing SHG in Namakkal District for 2013

Our SHG namely Pudumai Women SHG based at Kadachanallur in Namakkal District is selected for Manimeghalai award for the best performing SHG in Namakkal District for 2013. This SHG was formed by us on 21 October 2003 in Kadachanallur Panchayat in Pallipalayam block in Tamil Nadu.

Having been adequately trained by WORD, this group has been maintaining remarkable standards in savings, book keeping and loan repayments. The SHG actively involves in various social development activities.  Every member in Pudumai SHG is an entrepreneur. They also run Kadachanallur women Milk Producers' Co-operative Society.

Under the Tamil Nadu Government’s Mahalir Thittam, an evaluation was conducted at the District Level to select the SHGs with best practices for the Manimegalai Award and Pudumai women SHG adjudged the best SHG during this year.