Saturday, January 17, 2009

WORD will work for Link Workers Scheme in Namakkal and Paramathy Taluks in Namakkal District under GFATM Round 7/ NACO

P. Gnanasekar, Project Associate

Recently WORD was select to implement link workers scheme in Namakkal and Paramathy Taluks in Namakkal District by AIDS Prevention and Control Project (APAC), Chennai under GFATM 7/ NACO. Recently the MoU has been signed between APAC and WORD.

Why Link Workers Scheme?
- Over the years virus has moved from the urban to rural areas from High risk to general population.
-Disproportionately affecting women and the youth.
- 38% of total infections are among women.
-37% of total infection are among young persons <29 years.
-Over 57% of the infected live in rural areas.
Objectives of the Link Workers Scheme?
- To reach out to ‘high risk groups’ and vulnerable young people in rural areas with information, knowledge and skills on STI/HIV prevention and risk reduction.
- To promote increased and consistent use of condoms with casual and regular partners.

-To establish inter-linkages between gender, sexuality and HIV and bring into focus the factors that enhances vulnerability of young people and women both in High risk groups and general population.
- To generate awareness and enhance utilization of prevention, care and support programmes & services (especially STI, ICTC, PPTCT, ART and DOT)
-To create an enabling environment for PLHIVs and their families by reducing stigma and discrimination.
- To facilitate the re integration of high risk groups into the community and recognition of their rights.
- To work with community Village health committees and other community structures such as SHG,PRI

WORD will implement this project with 4 Supervisors and 16 Link Workers who will work intensively in the villages. The recruitment of staff is on. Having completed the formal training program, the project activities will formally start with the Mapping Exercises in the villages.

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