Friday, March 7, 2014

International Women's Day 2014

Across the world, International Women's Day is being celebrated today- 8 March. The UN announced this year theme as, "Equality for Women is Progress to All".

Since 1988, WORD has been actively engaging for the comprehensive development of women and children primarily in Namakkal District in Tamilnadu.

With the constant interventions, we could see remarkable developments from women now by comparing the days in 1988. We also proud to share that these could not be achieved without the co-operation by the family members.

While we achieve a lot on women empowerment in Namakkal District, we share you few individuals who are leading by example individually with their strong determination and courage.

She is Tamizhselvi. Separated by his husband, she is living alone with three children. Having got various counselling and assistances from WORD, now she engaged herself in selling tender coconuts with great perseverance. With this income, she educates her three children and runs the family successfully.

She is Shanthi residing at Paramathy next to Namakkal. Her husband deserted her with three children. 
She daily gets eggs from the poultry farm and sells to the shops in and around Karur. Having successfully runs her business, now she could able to marry her two daughters and help her son to study in 9th Standard.

Like Tamizhselvi and Shanthi, there are many individual women have come up in life by their dint of hard work with the support of WORD in Namakkal.

By individually and through self help groups, women are marching towards success in all their income generation programs/ micro enterprises through their dedication, hard work and passion for development.

While we could see women are in the ladder of success, we also come across various incidents on atrocities again women, exploitation and abuse issues which are the most disturbing factors for which we give attention to prevent the incidents by enhancing the awareness and protect the victims to rebuild the lives to enjoy the rights of women.

While we achieve a lot in terms of empowerment of women, socio/economic development of women, we still to go a long way to address the atrocities again women, stop exploitation on children especially girl children to sustain the benefits of the development of women. 

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