Monday, December 1, 2014

Participation in the Drawing Competition- Chitrakala

The children at our residential centre in Namakkal has participated the Chitrakala- Drawing Competition organised by the Rotaract Club of Women's Christian College, Chennai on 9th November 2014. 10 children were declared as winners.

The Felicitation program for the winners of the Chitrakala- Drawing Competition held from 29th & 30th November at Chennai.  The children and the care givers were accomodated at Dakshinachitra, Chennai. 

The felicitation program held at Women's Christian College, Chennai on 29th. Special programs of dance, mime, magic show held for the children where they were offered certificates and gifts. 

On 30th November, the children were taken to Birla Planetarium. The children were thoroughly enjoyed and the joyous memories will remain with them for long. 

We at WORD thank the Rotaract Club of Women's Christian College, Chennai for all the efforts and elaborate arrangements. 

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Beautician Training Program

Assessments were conducted for the Beautician Training Program on September 12th and 13th which were conducted by WORD in co-ordination with Trends in Vogue, a CavinKare Group of Company in August 2014 under the The National Skill Certification and Monetary Reward (STAR) program of National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC). The Assessment were carried out by the Assessors of Navriti Technologies, Bangalore.

70 participants were trained on Pedicure, Manicure, Junior Beautician and Junior Stylists under this program. The trainers from 'Trends in Vogue' trained the participants. 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Scholarship for the Girl Children of Truck Drivers in Namakkal

200 scholarships of Rs 10,000 each have been distributed to the girl children of the truck drivers who are continuing higher education after 10th standard in a glittering function in Namakkal today. All the 200 children received a certification of appreciation along with the scholarship cheque of Rs 10, 000.
Certificate & Scholarship Distribution

Certificate & Scholarship Distribution

Sections of the students who availed the scholarship

Felicitation Ceremony

Sections of the students who availed the scholarship

The participants 

Felicitation address by Prof. G. Raghuram from IIM-Ahmedabad.

Certificate Distribution

This scholarship is distributed under the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program of ‘Mahindra Saarathi Abhiyaan’ of Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd – Truck & Bus Division.

WORD is proud to be a partner of this pilot program. 

Monday, September 1, 2014

Follow up Program for Camp Rainbow

WORD NGO in Namakkal District is one of the field based referral partner to 'Camp Rainbow' program for the HIV/AIDS infected children in Tamilnadu which is jointly implemented by YRG-CARE & CHES-Chennai.

A one day follow up program for the campers in 2012 & 2013 held at WORD in Namakkal on 31st August 2014.

The children from WORD & HPPWS attended the program. The trainers from YRG-CARE & CHES trained the students on Life Skills with participatory approaches.  

Monday, August 18, 2014

Independence Day Celebrations

The 68th Independence Day Celebrations held in our Short Stay Residential Home in Namakkal. Ms. Sudha Menon from Best Practices Foundation, Bangalore was the chief guest and hoisted the tricolour flag on the occasion. 

More photos are uploaded at: 

Capacity Building Training for NGO Trainers

WORD hosted a four day training program from 13-16 August 2014 at the training center organised by Best Practices Foundation, Bangalore and Fair Climate Network for the NGO Trainers. The training is on communications and Information Technology.  Ms. Sudha Menon trained the participants. 10 participants from the FCN partner NGOs participated in the training program. 

More photos are uploaded at: 

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Special Summer Programs for Children, 2014

During this summer WORD has organised various programs for children to enrich enjoyment, new learnings, social gathering and to trigger creativity. 

WORD has organised special summer Computer Course where children have joined and learnt basics of computers and basic computer operations including MS Office package. 

We have also organised an exposure visit to Pallipalayam Police Station where children had the opportunity to interact with the Police Personnel, got to to know the procedures, how the complaints are being processed and the community initiatives by Police. 

The Children were taken to Thanthai Periyar and Anna Memorial in Erode. The children were learnt more on Periar and Anna and their notable activities. 

The Children were also taken a Park next to Jedarpalayam and the children enjoyed a lot with the fellow gathering. 

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Consultation meeting on labour laws

WORD is the partner to SAVE/FIDH program in Namakkal District in implementing Community Awareness Building towards prevention of child workers in Textile Industry.  

Under this program, a round-table discussion was organised by SAVE in Chennai on 8 May 2014 on the situation of garment workers in India with various stakeholders in India's garment industry: international organizations, union leaders, government representatives, lawyers and NGOs. 

WORD has also participated in the meeting. During the meeting the challenges to implement the national and international law on labour rights in garment industries were discussed. 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Child Rights Manifesto in Parliamentary Election 2014

WORD attended and contributed in a meeting in Namakkal to include suggestions in framing child rights manifesto in the Parliamentary Election 2014 for Namakkal MP constituency. 

There were in-depth discussions by the attendees and put forth the following suggestions that can impact over a third of this nation’s population, when designing their own election agenda.
  • As per National Policy for Children 2013 the age of the child is categorically determined as any person below the age of 18 years, amendments to be made to harmonize the age definition for all child-related legislations and programs in line with the National Policy for Children, 2013.
  • Ensure Right to Education is fully functional as a Fundamental Right thereby ensuring quality education with an equitable common school system and amend to expand the scope of Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education (RTE) Act, 2009 such that: all children from 0-6 years and 14-18 years should come under the purview of the Act.
  • Strengthen implementation of Quality Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS) and its effective functioning. Also ensure the adequate investment is carried out in decentralized planning, universal coverage, community monitoring and participation and trained personnel.
  • Highest priority to Right to Life, Survival, Health, Nutrition by carrying out sustained efforts towards complete immunization, regular health check-ups, growth monitoring, proper nutritional support, health counselling and preventive measures to arrest declining child sex ratio.
  • Declare the Right to Health care as a Fundamental Right for mothers and children in the constitution of India and strengthen Universal Health Care systems and child health.
  • Ensure proper implementation of the National Food Security Act, 2013 and bring amendments (i) by including protein/fat intake for pregnant mothers and children to 20-25 gms (according to Supreme Court Order) ii) Make provision of supplementary nutrition for 14-18 age group children.
  • Amend the Child Labour (Prohibition and Regulation) Act, 1986: to abolish all forms of child labour including ‘Sumangali Thittam’ by removing the distinction between hazardous and non-hazardous categories of work for all children upto the age of 18 years.
  • Formulate special policies and programs for the adolescents (12-18 years) consisting of education, health, nutrition, play, protection from abuse, violence and vocational training.
  • Promote Child friendly Jurisprudence, enact progressive legislation, build a preventive, responsive and transparent child protection system and also create a proper data base for child trafficking, street children, missing children and ensure fully functional newly developed child tracking system- ‘Track Child’.
  • Special measures to ensure gender Parity, Social Equity, and the rights of the Children with disabilities by providing equal opportunities for all social group- SC, ST, minority group, children of migrants, disaster affected, children of other socially excluded groups and urban deprived groups.
  • Allocate sufficient financial, material and human resources for ensuring child rights. Allocate sufficient Budget for Children by increasing the allocation from 4.64% to at least 10% of total Union Budget.
WORD also stressed to develop infrastructures to promote child rights in Namakkal District from the MP Constituency Development Fund in the days to come by combined co-ordinated efforts.

The meeting was organised by our partner, Community Development Organisation (CDO) on behalf of TN Forces, Tamilnadu Child Rights Observatory, Chennai.

Friday, March 7, 2014

International Women's Day 2014

Across the world, International Women's Day is being celebrated today- 8 March. The UN announced this year theme as, "Equality for Women is Progress to All".

Since 1988, WORD has been actively engaging for the comprehensive development of women and children primarily in Namakkal District in Tamilnadu.

With the constant interventions, we could see remarkable developments from women now by comparing the days in 1988. We also proud to share that these could not be achieved without the co-operation by the family members.

While we achieve a lot on women empowerment in Namakkal District, we share you few individuals who are leading by example individually with their strong determination and courage.

She is Tamizhselvi. Separated by his husband, she is living alone with three children. Having got various counselling and assistances from WORD, now she engaged herself in selling tender coconuts with great perseverance. With this income, she educates her three children and runs the family successfully.

She is Shanthi residing at Paramathy next to Namakkal. Her husband deserted her with three children. 
She daily gets eggs from the poultry farm and sells to the shops in and around Karur. Having successfully runs her business, now she could able to marry her two daughters and help her son to study in 9th Standard.

Like Tamizhselvi and Shanthi, there are many individual women have come up in life by their dint of hard work with the support of WORD in Namakkal.

By individually and through self help groups, women are marching towards success in all their income generation programs/ micro enterprises through their dedication, hard work and passion for development.

While we could see women are in the ladder of success, we also come across various incidents on atrocities again women, exploitation and abuse issues which are the most disturbing factors for which we give attention to prevent the incidents by enhancing the awareness and protect the victims to rebuild the lives to enjoy the rights of women.

While we achieve a lot in terms of empowerment of women, socio/economic development of women, we still to go a long way to address the atrocities again women, stop exploitation on children especially girl children to sustain the benefits of the development of women. 

Monday, February 10, 2014

Landmark partnership of Fair Climate Network with Indigo Airlines

Fair Climate Network (FCN) has got into landmark partnership with Indigo Airlines to support its community based climate mitigation projects in India.

Through this partnership, the passengers has now get an opportunity to support Rs 100 to this ' clear the air' initiative while booking the tickets.

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Training Program on Ill effects on Drugs and Alochol

In co-ordination with the District Police Unit, WORD facilitated a training program on the 'Ill effects on drugs and alcohols' in the premises of Police Quarters, Siluvampatti, next to Namakkal on 10 Feb 2014.

The staff of WORD took awareness classes on the above said topics to the police personnel.