Friday, December 18, 2009

Inaguration of Vocational Training Center and Residential Home for Children

Terre des Hommes- Netherlands (TdH-NL) supports the building construction half-way home for children and the vocational training center for WORD. North East Constructions have done the construction and the inauguration of the building held on 23rd November 2009. Mr. Lei Brouns, Regional Director, South Asia, TdH-NL inaugurated the building in the presence of Mr. Meru Miller, Program Officer, TdH-NL, India in a glittering ceremony with a gathering around 500 beneficiaries in Namakkal.
The inauguration program was started by 3 pm. Mr. Lei Brouns, Regional Director; TdH-NL South Asia inaugurated both these buildings in the presence of Mr. Meru Miller, Program Officer, TdH-NL in India. After the formal inauguration of the building the inauguration function was held. Mrs. M. Renida Sarala, Director, WORD welcomed all the gathering and she read the narration of ‘blooming buds’ project.
In the felicitation note, Mr. Lei Brouns said that ‘Terre des Hommes’ means ‘Earth for the humanity’ and it does not belong to any religion, language or caste. He is happy to be here in Namakkal for the inaugural program. He said that the half-way home will serve the children to go further in their life. He found many young people in Srilanka are searching jobs after completed their college education. This vocational training program helps people to earn more income to come up their life in a much bigger way.
Mr. Meru reiterated what Mr. Lei has addressed. He thanked Mr. Rajendran, North East Constructions who built the building. He also thanked to those who helped WORD in identifying the land and those who helped to run the half way home and the vocational training center to function in the rented building. He requested people to co-ordinate with WORD to achieve many more things and to serve for many people especially from the marginalized community.
Mr. Rajmohan, Program Manager, WORD rendered the thanking note. In his address he highlighted that WORD feel the triple rejoice to have the building in a time when Mr. Lei celebrate his silver jubilee with TdH-NL and the silver jubilee year of TdH-NL’s presence in India. The guests were honoured with shawl and momento. All the workers of North East Constructions were given new dresses as a token of tamizh tradition and culture.
The cultural programs by the children of WORD held. Moved by the heart, many SHGs made donations to the children to WORD in the stage. The teachers of SBM School, Namakkal donated a momento to WORD. The beneficiaries of Blooming Buds Project, NGO friends, well wishers of WORD, staff of WORD were gathered in huge number to the program.

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